List of Members as at 30 June 2014.


Justice IJK Ross AO (M)

Vice Presidents

Vice President A Hatcher (S)
Vice President J Catanzariti (S)

Deputy Presidents

Vice President MJ Lawler (S) Deputy President RS Hamilton (M)
Vice President GR Watson (M) Deputy President BP McCarthy (P)
Justice AJ Boulton AO, Senior Deputy President (S) Deputy President PJ Sams AM (S)
Senior Deputy President IR Watson (M) Deputy President GR Smith AM (M)
Senior Deputy President AM Harrison (S) Deputy President A Booth (S)
Senior Deputy President JM Acton (M) Deputy President IC Asbury (B)
Senior Deputy President LEC Drake (S) Deputy President A Gooley (M)
Senior Deputy President MG O’Callaghan (A) Deputy President JP Lawrence (S)
Senior Deputy President JM Hamberger (S) Deputy President VP Gostencnik (M)
Senior Deputy President PJ Richards (B) Deputy President J Kovacic (M)


Commissioner JCW Lewin (M) Commissioner PJ Hampton (A)
Commissioner WD Blair (M) Commissioner J Roe (M)
Commissioner AL Cribb (M) Commissioner MP Bissett (M)
Commissioner HM Cargill (S) Commissioner CF Simpson (B)
Commissioner B Deegan (C) Commissioner T Lee (M)
Commissioner PJ Spencer (B) Commissioner S Booth (B)
Commissioner MG Roberts (S) Commissioner B Riordan (S)
Commissioner BD Williams (P) Commissioner G Bull (S)
Commissioner DS McKenna (S) Commissioner D Gregory (M)
Commissioner IW Cambridge (S) Commissioner LAH Johns (M)
Commissioner DJ Cloghan (P) Commission NP Wilson (M)
Commissioner JF Ryan (M)  

Additional members

Members of state tribunals who also hold an appointment with the Commission and Expert Panel Members
Fair Work Commission title State title/Expert Panel details
Deputy President PD Hannon (A) President, SAIRC
Deputy President KM Bartel (A) Deputy President, SAIRC
Deputy President TJ Abey (H) President, TIC
Justice JP McCusker (A) Deputy President, SAIRC
Deputy President NM Wells (H) Deputy President, TIC
Commissioner D Steel (A) Commissioner, SAIRC
Commissioner JD Stanton (N) Commissioner, IRCNSW
Commissioner P McMahon (A) Commissioner, SAIRC
Mr A Cole Expert Panel Member
Mr T Harcourt Expert Panel Member
Professor S Richardson Expert Panel Member
Mr A Apted Expert Panel Member
Mr S Gibbs Expert Panel Member
Based in: (A) Adelaide, (B) Brisbane, (C) Canberra, (H) Hobart, (M) Melbourne, (N) Newcastle, (P) Perth, (S) Sydney.
Additional appointments: (IRCNSW) Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales; (QIRC) Queensland Industrial Relations Commission; (SAIRC) South Australian Industrial Relations Commission; (TIC) Tasmanian Industrial Commission.