List of panel heads and assignments current at 30 June 2014.


Justice Ross
The President was responsible for allocating all panel assignments during the reporting period.

Major resources/infrastructure projects panel

Justice Boulton
Panel Members Industries
Watson SDP
Harrison SDP
O’Callaghan SDP
Richards SDP
McCarthy DP
Sams DP
Gooley DP
Deegan C
Spencer C
Williams C
Cloghan C
Hampton C
Roe C
Bissett C
Simpson C
This panel works on engagement between the Commission and the industrial parties involved in major projects.

Government services panel

Vice President Catanzariti
Panel Members Industries
Lawler VP
Smith DP
Deegan C
Williams C*
McKenna C
Bissett C
Booth C
Wilson C
Steel C
Cemetery operations
Children’s services
Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Commonwealth employment
Corrections and detentions
Educational services
Federal police operations
Fire fighting services
Indigenous organisations and services
Local government administration
Northern Territory
State and Territory government administration
Water, sewerage and drainage services
* Indicates the Member is on more than one industry panel.

Media, ports, oil and gas panel

Vice President Watson
Members Industries
Hamilton DP
Booth DP
Cribb C
Cambridge C
Cloghan C*
Hampton C*
Simpson C
Johns C
Aged care
Airline operations
Airport operations
Ambulance and patient transport
Amusement, events and recreation
Broadcasting and recorded entertainment
Coal export terminals
Diving services
Grain handling
Graphic arts
Health and welfare services
Live performance
Mannequins and modelling
Oil and gas
Port authorities
Social, community, home care and disability services
Sporting organisations
Technical services
Telecommunications services
* Indicates the Member is on more than one industry panel.

Manufacturing and building panel

Senior Deputy President Watson
Members Industries
Drake SDP
O’Callaghan SDP
Richards SDP
McCarthy DP
Gooley DP
Lawrence DP
Gostencnik DP
Kovacic DP
Blair C
Ryan C
Riordan C*
Asphalt industry
Building, metal and civil construction
Cement and concrete products
Electrical contracting
Food, beverages and tobacco manufacturing
Manufacturing and associated industries
Pet food manufacturing
Pharmaceutical industry
Plumbing industry
Poultry processing
Rubber, plastic and cable making industry
Scientific services
Seafood processing
Textile industry
Timber and paper products industry
Vehicle industry
* Indicates the Member is on more than one industry panel.

Mining, agriculture and electric power panel

Senior Deputy President Harrison
Members Industries
Hamberger SDP
Asbury DP
Bartel DP
Lewin C
Williams C*
Animal care and veterinary services
Electrical power
Uranium mining (including construction)
Wool storage, sampling and testing
* Indicates the Member is on more than one industry panel.

Transport, logistics and services panel

Senior Deputy President Acton
Members Industries
Sams DP
Cargill C
Spencer C
Roberts C
Williams C*
Cloghan C*
Hampton C*
Roe C
Lee C
Riordan C*
Bull C
Gregory C
Banking, finance and insurance
Building services
Business equipment
Cleaning services
Commercial sales
Contract call centre
Dry cleaning and laundry services
Fast food
Funeral directing
Gardening services
Hair and beauty
Licensed and registered clubs
Marine tourism and charter vessels
Market and business consultancy services
Passenger vehicle transport (non rail)
Pharmacy operations
Postal services
Rail industry
Real estate
Road transport
Security services
Storage services
Waste management
* Indicates the Member is on more than one industry panel.

Termination of employment panel

Deputy President Gooley
Most Members of the Commission deal with termination of employment applications under arrangements administered by the head of the Termination of Employment Panel, Deputy President Gooley. Deputy President Gooley is supported by a panel deputy, Commissioner Wilson.

Anti-bullying panel

Commissioner Hampton
This panel has responsibility for anti-bullying matters, which are dealt with by Members of the Commission under arrangements administered by the Anti-bullying Panel Head. The panel head is Commissioner Hampton.

Organisations panel

Vice President Watson
This panel has responsibility for matters relating to registered organisations. The panel head is Vice President Watson. The other Members of the panel are:
Panel Members  
Hatcher VP
Hamberger SDP
Richards SDP
Lawrence DP

Expert panel for annual wage reviews

Justice Ross
The Fair Work Act provides for an annual wage review conducted by an Expert Panel for annual wage reviews. The panel head is Justice Ross. The other panel Members are:
Panel Members  
Watson SDP
Spencer C
Hampton C
Professor Richardson
Mr Cole
Mr Harcourt

Expert panel for assessing default superannuation funds

The Fair Work Act provides for an Expert Panel for assessing default superannuation funds.
Panel Members  
Acton SDP
Drake SDP
Bull C
Johns C
Mr Apted
Mr Harcourt
The above panel was the last valid panel appointed as at 17 April 2014.
Any changes to the panel after this date were declared invalid due to a Federal Court decision.