Fair Work Commission staff in the Workplace and Economic Research Section of the Tribunal Services Branch may conduct research as part of the annual wage review.

In undertaking the research program, Workplace and Economic Research Section consults a Minimum Wage Research Group comprising a chair from the Section and representatives nominated by:

  • Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)
  • Australian Industry Group (Ai Group)
  • Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS)
  • Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)
  • Australian Government
  • state and territory governments.

In addition to research projects, statistical reporting is also undertaken on a range of data relevant to annual wage reviews. This work will be published separately from the research reports.

Research reports published for the 2013–14 review

Research report summaries

Report No. 6/2013—Award-reliance

Workplace Research Centre, University of Sydney in collaboration with ORC International

This report examines national system organisations in which at least one employee has their pay set at the specified award rate. The key objective of the study was to understand the mix or 'categories' of such employees and, where possible, their location on award classification scales. A particular focus of the research was to identify professionals and other employees on higher award classifications whose pay is set at the specified award rate.

The study consisted of a quantitative survey of such organisations. Data are collected on the size and structure of these organisations, the nature of employment arrangements within these organisations as well as information on bargaining activity within them.

Report No. 7/2013—Minimum wages and their role in the process and incentive to bargain

Workplace Research Centre, University of Sydney

This report examines how minimum wage increases impact on over award wages and the incentive to bargain.

The study included enterprise case studies, a content analysis of enterprise agreements, and the generation and statistical analysis of workplace survey data. This multi-method approach was used to investigate the motivations, processes and outcomes of wage setting at the workplace level, and examine the role that the minimum wages increases play in shaping agreement-making and over award wage determination.

Previous research

Research material from past annual wage reviews is available.

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