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About variations


Notes on history of variations

This history of variations provides details of documents issued by the Fair Work Commission (and its predecessors) that varied the award, or are about the operation of the award.
* Indicates documents required to make up a current copy of the award.
The details provided include:
  • a document reference number or print ID
  • the date the document was issued
  • the type of document affecting the award:
    • A = award
    • Con = consolidated award
    • C = correction or corrigendum
    • Dec = decision, statement or recommendation
    • Mis = miscellaneous order
    • V = determination varying an award
  • clauses of the award that have been varied (if relevant), and
  • a brief description, including:
    • the subject
    • the operative or effective date (ppc = pay period commencing)
    • the case or matter number(s)
    • the Member(s) who issued the document