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AP789529CRV - Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award 1998



This clause identifies the parties bound by the award and who the award applies to.

This award is binding upon:

1.7.1 Other than in Queensland:

1.7.1(a) The following organisations and their members:

[Pt I:Pt 1:1.7.1(b) substituted by PR906395 ppc 27Jul01]

1.7.1(c) The employers listed in Schedule E.

1.7.2 In Queensland:

[Pt I:Pt 1:1.7.2(a) substituted by PR906395 ppc 27Jul01]

1.7.2(b) The organisations of employees listed in 1.7.1(a) and their members.

1.7.3 This award applies to all employees who are members or eligible to be members of the organisations listed in 1.7.1(a) who are engaged in any of the classifications, occupations, industries or callings specified in this award in Clause 5.1 and Schedule A and who are employed by employers bound by this award.

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