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AP789529CRV - Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award 1998


4.1 Part V is binding upon:

4.1.1 The Automotive, Food, Metals, Engineering, Printing and Kindred Industries Union and its members;

4.1.2 Metal Trades Industry Association of Australia (MTIA); Engineering Employers Association, South Australia; Metal Industries Association, Tasmania; the Australian Chamber of Manufacturers and members of these organisations of employers.

4.1.3 The employers listed in Clause 11 of Part V.

4.1.4 Metal Manufactures Limited.

4.2 Part V applies to all employees who are members or eligible to be members of the organisation listed in 4.1 employed by employers bound by Part V within the coverage specified in Clause 3 in the trainer/supervisor/coordinator field as defined in 1.4.7(d)(i) and (ii) (but not 1.4.7(d)(iii)) of Part I.

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