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AP789529CRV - Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award 1998


6.1 The conditions of employment of trainees shall be the same as those prescribed from time to time in Part II of this Award except:

6.1.1 The course of study each year shall be mutually agreed between the employer and trainee so that the maximum attendance at the approved educational institution shall not exceed three nights per week of two hours' lecture or three hours' practical work each. All other time necessary for attendance at the approved educational institution to permit compliance with the syllabus thereat shall be allowed off during the day without loss of pay. In the event of disagreement between the employer and trainee regarding the course of study for any year, the recommendation of the educational institution shall be accepted;

6.1.2 The employer shall endeavour to see that any trainee shall not be obliged to work overtime when it interferes with studies;

6.1.3 No trainee shall be employed on shift work except at their own request during academic vacations;

6.1.4 Any trainee shall be allowed reasonable leave of absence without loss of pay for the purpose of sitting for examination in any subject or subjects being studied for the year.

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