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AP789529CRV - Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award 1998



This clause deals with the taking of meal breaks during ordinary working hours and covers when the meal break is to be taken, alterations to the time the break may be taken and payment for working during the meal break.

6.3.1 An employee shall not be required to work for more than five hours without a break for a meal except in the following circumstances:

6.3.1(a) In cases where canteen or other facilities are limited to the extent that meal breaks must be staggered and as a result it is not practicable for all employees to take a meal break within five hours, an employee will not be required to work for more than six hours without a break for a meal break.

6.3.1(b) By agreement between an employer and an employee or the majority of employees in an enterprise or part of an enterprise concerned, an employee or employees may be required to work in excess of five hours but not more than six hours at ordinary rates of pay without a meal break.

6.3.2 The time of taking a scheduled meal break or rest break by one or more employees may be altered by an employer if it is necessary to do so in order to meet a requirement for continuity of operations.

6.3.3 An employer may stagger the time of taking a meal and rest breaks to meet operational requirements.

6.3.4 Subject to 6.3.l, an employee shall work during meal breaks at ordinary rates of pay whenever instructed to do so for the purpose of making good breakdown of plant or upon routine maintenance of plant which can only be done while the plant is idle.

6.3.5 Except as provided in this subclause, and except where any alternative arrangement is entered into by agreement between the employer and employees concerned, time and a half rates shall be paid for all work done during meal hours and thereafter until a meal break is taken.

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