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AP789529CRV - Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award 1998



Full time and part time employees attending for jury service are entitled to have their pay made up to what they would have received for working ordinary time. Employees must provide proof of attendance.

7.3.1 A full time employee required to attend for jury service during his or her ordinary working hours shall be reimbursed by the employer an amount equal to the difference between the amount paid in respect of his or her attendance for such jury service and the amount of wage he or she would have received in respect of the ordinary time he or she would have worked had he or she not been on jury service.

7.3.2 Where a part time employee is required to attend for jury service and such attendance coincides with a day on which the employee would normally be required to work, payment shall be made to the employee in accordance with Clause 7.3.1.

7.3.3 An employee shall notify the employer as soon as possible of the date upon which he or she is required to attend for jury service. Further, the employee shall give the employer proof of attendance, the duration of such attendance and the amount received in respect of such jury service.

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