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AP789529CRV - Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award 1998


Subject to Clause 1.8 of this award, the industries and callings covered by this award are the engineering, metal working and fabricating industries in all their branches, and all industries allied thereto and include:

1. Mechanical and electrical engineering.
2. Shipbuilding and repairing.
3. Smithing.
4. Boilermaking and erection and repairing.
5. Bridge and girder construction and erection and repairing.
6. Steel fabrication, construction and erection, and repairing.
7. Welding.
8. Tool, die, gauge and mould making.
9. Sheet metal working.
10. Metal moulding.
11. Diecasting.
12. Stovemaking and repairing.
13. Agricultural implement making and repairing.
14. Metal pressing and stamping.
15. Porcelain enamelling.
16. Manufacture of porcelain enamels, oxides, glazes and similar materials.
17. Metal machining.
18. Ironworking.
19. Iron and steel pipe making and fabrication.
20. Window frame making and repairing.
21. Safe and strong-room making and repairing.
22. The manufacture, erection and installation, maintenance and repair of all forms of electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances, including valve - and globe manufacturing.
23. Radio, telephone and X-ray manufacturing, maintaining and repairing.
24. Manufacture of insulation materials and articles.
25. Wet and dry battery manufacturing and repairing.
26. Manufacture, erection, installation, maintenance and repair of electrical advertising equipment including neon signs.
27. Manufacture, erection, installation, maintenance and repair of fluorescent lighting.
28. The drawing and insulation of wire for the conducting of electricity.
29. The manufacture and repair of recording, measuring and controlling devices for electricity, fluids, gases, heat, temperature, pressure, time, etc.
30. The production by mechanical means of industrial gases (otherthan coal gas).
31. The making of canisters, drums and other metallic containers.
32. Galvanising, tinning and pickling.
33. Electroplateware manufacturing.
34. Electroplating of all types.
35. Processing of metals such as sherardising and bonderizing.
36. Lift and elevator making, repairing and maintenance.
37. Plastic moulding, casting or fabricating in synthetic resins, or similar materials and including the production of synthetic resins, powders, tablets, etc, as used in such processes.
38. Melting and smelting of metals.
39. Refrigerator manufacturing, maintaining and repairing.
40. Perambulator manufacturing and repairing.
41. Making, manufacture, installation, maintenance and repair of ventilating and air-conditioning plant and equipment.
42. Metal furniture manufacturing and repairing.
43. Kitchenware manufacturing.
44. Metallic toy and sporting goods manufacturing.
45. The making, assembling, repairing and maintenance of vehicles (except where such work is at present covered by another Federal award).
46. The manufacture of bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, washers and similar articles.
47. The manufacture of bright steel bars, rods, shafting, etc.
48. Making, manufacture, installation, maintenance and repair of scales and machines for measuring mass and equipment.
49. Making, manufacture, installation, maintenance and repair of watches and clocks, including cases.
50. Making, repairing, reconditioning and maintenance of motor engines, and/or parts thereof, and of the mechanical and electrical parts including the transmission and chassis of motor cars, motor cycles and other motor driven vehicles.
51. The making of metal motor body parts.
52. Japanning, enamelling, painting etc, of metallic articles.
53. Hand and machine engraving.
54. Badge and name-plate manufacturing, including chemical engraving.
55. Manufacture, testing and repair of water fittings.
56. Manufacture of any article or articles from metal wire.
57. Installation of all classes and types of electrical wiring equipment and plant, and the repair and maintenance thereof.
58. Generation and distribution of electric energy.
59. Manufacture of ceramic articles for use in the metal trades industries.
60. Making, manufacture, treatment, installation, maintenance, repair and reconditioning of any articles, part or component, whether of metal and/or other material in any of the foregoing industries.
61. Sorting, packing, despatching, distribution and transport in connection with any of the foregoing.
62. Making, manufacture, installation, construction, maintenance, repair and reconditioning of plant, equipment, buildings and services (including power supply) in establishments connected with the industries and callings described herein and maintenance work generally.
63. Every operation, process, duty and function carried on or performed in or in connection with or incidental to any of the foregoing industries.

All descriptions of industry or callings set out in this clause wherever expressed may be read either alternatively or collectively in any combination whatsoever.

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