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AP789529CRV - Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award 1998


The following provisions of Part I apply to employees covered under Part II:

8.2 Casual Employment

[Pt II:8.2 substituted by PR912331 ppc 08Apr02]

The provisions of Clause 4.2.3 of Part I apply to employees covered by Part II except that casual employees under Part II are entitled to a casual loading of 17.5% and, in addition, are entitled to annual leave in accordance with the provisions of clause 11 of Part II, provided that a casual loading of 25% may apply in lieu of these entitlements.

Further to the requirement of Clause 4.2.3(c)(i) in Part I, an employer must, on engagement, settle with the employee then and there whether the alternative entitlement of a casual loading of 25% pursuant to this clause will apply to the employee, and record this decision. Any change to the original entitlement shall only be by mutual written agreement and placed on the employee’s record.

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