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AP789529CRV - Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award 1998


10.1 The following provisions of Part I apply to employees covered under Part II:

6.1 Ordinary Hours of Work
6.2 Special Provisions for Shift Workers
6.3 Meal Breaks
6.4 Overtime (except for 6.4.8-Sunday Work and 6.4.11-Meal Allowance)

10.2 Meal Breaks.

Except as provided for in 9.14 (Sea Trials), in respect of employees covered under Part II, the meal break referred to in 6.3.1 of Part I must be not less than 30 minutes nor, more than one hour and must be between the hours of 11.30 am and 2.00 pm Monday to Friday for day workers. The time shall be as agreed between the employer and the majority of employees.

10.3 Morning and Afternoon Tea

10.3.1 Employees are entitled to a 10 minute morning tea rest period at a time fixed by the employer.

10.3.2 Employees shall be permitted without ceasing work to partake of refreshment in the afternoon.

10.4 Overtime Meal Allowance.

[Pt II:10.4 varied by R7068 S6782 PR905123 PR918227 PR932048 PR947308 PR959867 PR975561 PR978589; PR983703 ppc 01Oct08]

An employee is entitled to a meal allowance of $9.02 on each occasion that the employee is entitled to a rest break in accordance with subclause 6.4.10 of Part I, except where the employee is provided with an adequate meal where the employer has cooking and dining facilities. This rate also applies for the purposes of 7.5.2 of Part I (ie. meal allowances on public holidays).

10.5 Sunday Work

The provisions of 6.4.8 of Part I shall apply with the following amendments:

10.5.1 A four hour minimum applies in lieu of the three hour minimum in 6.4.8.

10.5.2 By mutual agreement between the employer and the employee concerned, one day in lieu may be given for each holiday worked and the day worked shall be paid at normal rates instead of the rate specified in 6.4.8.

10.6 Transport of Employees on Sundays.

The provisions of clause 6.4.12 of Part I shall apply also to work on Sundays for employees covered by Part II, except for continuous shift workers.

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