[2015] FWCFB 5219


Fair Work Act 2009

s.156 - 4 yearly review of modern awards

4 yearly review of modern awards—annual leave



4 yearly review of modern awards - common issue - annual leave.

[1] A hearing is scheduled for 10.00 am on Friday 7 August 2015 in relation to the above matter. The hearing will deal with the following matters:

[2] In relation to purchased leave we note that none of the submissions filed support the development of a model term dealing with purchased leave. At this stage our provisional view is that any proposal in respect of purchased leave will be dealt with on an award by award basis, during the award stage of the review. Any interested party who wishes to advance a different view to the one we have provisionally expressed should attend the hearing on 7 August 2015 and make oral submissions in support of the course for which they contend.

[3] A draft summary of the submissions relating to matters (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) in paragraph 1 above is attached to this Statement. Parties will be invited to comment on the draft summary and the submissions made by other parties, and to address the questions contained within it at the hearing on 7 August 2015.

[4] We note that a number of parties 1 have made submissions regarding whether particular modern awards should be varied to insert model terms.

[5] The submissions made are directed at the following awards:

[6] The hearing on 7 August 2015 will not be dealing with the submissions referred to at paragraphs 4 and 5 above. These matters will be dealt with at a hearing to be held on Wednesday, 30 September 2015. Further directions will be issued in relation to this hearing in due course.

[7] We have decided to split the hearings in the manner outlined so that the terms of the various model terms are finalised prior to any consideration of the insertion of those model terms into the particular modern awards identified in paragraph 5.


 1   Ai Group, AAA, AHA, AHEIAAIS, AMMA & MIAL, APTIA, ARA, ASMOF, CAI, IEU, Group of Eight Universities, MPA, NFF, MTA

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