[2019] FWC 5987


Fair Work Act 2009

s.156—4 yearly review of modern awards

4 yearly review of modern awards—plain language re-drafting—current matters



4 yearly review of modern awards – plain language re-drafting – National Training Wage Schedule – Airline Operations Ground Staff Award 2010

[1] In a Statement of July 2016 1 it was proposed that the National Training Wage Schedule (NTW Schedule) be standardised and removed from all awards except the Miscellaneous Award 2010 (the Miscellaneous Award) and that the NTW be incorporated into other awards by reference to the Miscellaneous Award.

[2] In a decision in June 2017 2 a reference term was inserted into the 94 modern awards specified in Attachment A of that decision. A decision3 of August 2017 finalised the plain language NTW Schedule and the Miscellaneous Award NTW Schedule was varied4 in September 2018. In eight modern awards a party had sought to retain an award specific NTW schedule. Seven of these awards were dealt with in our decision of 20 August 2019.5

[3] Since the publication of our 20 August 2019 decision the AMWU and Ai Group have come to an agreement on the NTW schedule to be inserted into the Airline Operations Ground Staff Award 2010. 6

[4] A draft variation determination reflecting the AMWU/Ai Group agreement will be published with this statement. Interested parties will have 14 days to comment. Absent a request for an oral hearing any outstanding issues will be decided on the papers.

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