[2020] FWC 2671


Fair Work Act 2009

s 394—Unfair dismissal

Rachael Goldberg
The Advice Spot


SYDNEY, 17 JUNE 2020

Application for an unfair dismissal remedy – Decision in matter issued on 1 June 2020 – applicant provided additional information to the Commission requesting a correction to the applicant’s position and pay rate as set out in the decision – no response received from respondent in light of the applicant’s request – position and pay rate corrected in Decision – Orders subsequently amended in light of correction.

[1] On 1 June 2020, I issued the decision Goldberg v The Advice Spot [2020] FWC 2671 (the ‘Decision’) in respect to this matter. Subsequent to the decision being issued, the applicant, Ms Rachael Goldberg, advised my Chambers of two key corrections required to the Decision. Having provided the relevant information to my Chambers, the respondent was asked whether there was any objection to the Decision being corrected in light of the information provided by the applicant. No such response was received.

[2] In light of these circumstances, I propose to amend the Decision as follows:

1. Replace the words ‘part-time bookkeeper’ in [1] with ‘Tax Accountant/Mortgage Support’;

2. Replace the words ‘This equates to 2 weeks at $650 = $1,300.’ in [122] with ‘This equates to 2 weeks at $878.205 = $1,756.41

3. Replace the words:

‘1. The respondent is to pay the applicant $6,500 plus $247 in superannuation in respect to her unfair dismissal.’

in [127] with the words:

‘1. The respondent is to pay the applicant $8,782.05 plus $834.29 in superannuation’.

[3] Given the time since the Decision was issued, I propose to replace Order (2) in [127] to now read:

‘2. The amounts in Order 1 are to be paid by 6 July 2020.’


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