[2020] FWCFB 978


Fair Work Act 2009
s.156 - 4 yearly review of modern awards

4 yearly review of modern awards



4 yearly review of modern awards – finalisation of Exposure Drafts and variation determinations – Tranche 1 – Fire Fighting Industry Award 2010.

Introduction and background

[1] This decision deals with the finalisation of the variation determination for the Fire Fighting Industry Award 2010 (the Fire Fighting Award) as part of the 4 yearly review of modern awards (the Review).

[2] In a decision of 2 September 2019 1 we outlined the process for finalising the exposure drafts produced during the Review and the consequent variation of each modern award. We expressed the provisional view that the variation of the modern awards in Tranche 1 in accordance with the draft variation determinations set out in Attachment D to that decision, is necessary to meet the modern awards objective.2 The Fire Fighting Award was a Tranche 1 award for the purposes of the finalisation of exposure drafts.

[3] Interested parties were directed to comment on the draft variation determinations.

[4] A hearing was held on 11 October 2019 in relation to issues raised in respect of the Tranche 1 awards, following comments received from parties. A transcript of the hearing is available on the Commission’s website. 3

[5] A decision was subsequently issued on 24 October 2019 4 which confirmed that final variation determinations would be issued on 25 November 2019 for 31 awards in Tranche 1.

[6] We issued a further Decision on 25 November 2019 (the November 2019 Decision). 5 At paragraphs [23] – [34] of the November 2019 Decision we set out some issues with clauses 22.3 and 23 of the Fire Fighters Award variation determination. To address the issues raised we proposed that the table in clause 22.3 be amended as follows (changes in mark up):

[7] Further, at [30] of the November 2019 Decision we noted that clause 23 of the variation determination published on 2 September 2019 included a table of penalty rates which contained incorrect rates. We proposed to amend the table to correct these errors.

[8] Interested parties were given an opportunity to comment on the issues identified in the November 2019 decision and the solutions proposed. We said that if there was no opposition to the changes proposed we would issue a final variation determination incorporating the changes.

[9] No submissions were received.

[10] We will now issue a final variation determination, incorporating the changes outlined in the November 2019 Decision.

[11] On 17 December 2019, a Full Bench issued a decision 6 to vary the Part-day public holidays schedule in 113 of the 121 modern awards, including Fire Fighting. Variation determinations giving effect to this decision were subsequently published.7 The part-day public holiday variation determination has been incorporated into the final variation determination to be issued by this Full Bench.

[12] The final variation determination will be published on 6 March 2020 and will commence operation on 4 May 2020.


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