State Government Agencies Award 2020 [MA000121]
History of variations
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State Government Agencies Award 2020

This Fair Work Commission consolidated modern award incorporates all amendments up to and including 11 July 2022 (PR743468).

Clause(s) affected by the most recent variation(s):

4 — Coverage

Table of Contents

[Varied by PR718141, PR728179]

Part 1—Application and Operation of this Award

1. Title and commencement

2. Definitions

3. The National Employment Standards and this award

4. Coverage

5. Individual flexibility arrangements

6. Requests for flexible working arrangements

7. Facilitative provisions

Part 2—Types of Employment and Classifications

8. Types of employment

9. Full-time employees

10. Part-time employees

11. Casual employees

12. Classifications

Part 3—Hours of Work

13. Ordinary hours of work and rostering

14. Breaks

Part 4—Wages and Allowances

15. Minimum rates

16. Payment of wages

17. Annualised salary arrangements

18. Allowances

19. Superannuation

Part 5—Overtime and Penalty Rates

20. Overtime

21. Shiftwork rates

Part 6—Leave and Public Holidays

22. Annual leave

23. Personal/carer’s leave and compassionate leave

24. Parental leave

25. Community service leave

26. Unpaid family and domestic violence leave

27. Public holidays

Part 7—Consultation and Dispute Resolution

28. Consultation about major workplace change

29. Consultation about changes to rosters or hours of work

30. Dispute resolution

Part 8—Termination of Employment and Redundancy

31. Termination of employment

32. Redundancy

Schedule A—Position Statements

Schedule B—Summary of Hourly Rates of Pay

Schedule C—Summary of Monetary Allowances

Schedule D—Supported Wage System

Schedule E—Agreement to Take Annual Leave in Advance

Schedule F—Agreement to Cash Out Annual Leave

Schedule G—Agreement for Time Off Instead of Payment for Overtime

Schedule H—Part-day Public Holidays

Schedule X—Additional Measures During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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