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1966 Cattle Industry Case

Cattle Station Industry (Northern Territory) Award, 1951 (1966) 113 CAR 651 – Kirby C.J., Moore J and Taylor C, Judgment, 7 March 1966

Aboriginal stockmen in the Northern Territory are awarded equal pay with white workers when their union successfully applies for the deletion of clauses excluding them from the Cattle Station Industry (Northern Territory) Award. The decision affects 'full-blood' Aborigines as those of 'mixed-blood' are treated as white.

The Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Commission agrees with employers that many Aborigines are unable to work on cattle stations in a way normally expected in Australian society. It rules, however that: 'There must be one industrial law, similarly applied, to all Australians, aboriginal or not'. The Commission provides a lengthy period for implementation, its order not coming into effect until some 33 months later.