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1972 Equal Pay Case

National Wage and Equal Pay Cases 1972 (1972) 147 CAR 172 – Moore J, (Acting President) Robinson J, Coldham J Deputy Presidents, Taylor Public Service Arbitrator and Brack Commissioner, Decision issued 15 December 1972, No. B8506

The second of the 2 major Equal Pay Cases provides for equal pay for work of equal value. Before 1972 male and female jobs are compared to see if they are basically identical. After 1972 work is compared to see if it is very similar in content or tasks. Some employers seek to avoid the equal pay rulings by reclassifying, or renaming, women's jobs. This is particularly widespread after the 1972 decision, with one survey finding that over 60 per cent of employers have reclassified women's jobs onto a different (and lower) scale to men in similar work.