4. Sir Richard Kirby photograph

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06 November 2014

This photograph of Sir Richard Kirby AC was one of the first items added to the Sir Richard Kirby Archives collection.

It was found in 2002 by a staff member in the library at Nauru House in Melbourne, along with two files full of members’ photos and negatives from the 1950s to the 1980s. These photos and negatives formed the inspiration and initial nucleus of the Sir Richard Kirby Archives.

The Archives was named in honour of Sir Richard Kirby AC, the longest serving President (from 1956 to 1973). Many documents in this exhibition relate to events in the period covered by his membership of the court (appointed Judge in 1947, Chief Judge in 1956) and the tribunal (appointed President in 1956). He retired in 1973.

This Is Your Life Sir Richard Kirby

This Is Your Life is an Australian television documentary show based on the American show of the same name, in which the host surprises guests with a show documenting their lives, with audience participation from their friends and family. In this episode Sir Richard Kirby is the guest.