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AP789529CRV - Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries Award 1998


[Pt I:Pt 1:1.2 amended by Q2704 Q2527 PR947664 PR954288 PR959867 PR964989]

Part 1 - Application and operation of Part I [PR954288]

1.1 Title [PR954288]
1.2 Arrangement [PR964989]
1.3 Anti-discrimination
1.4 Definitions [PR955055]
1.5 Commencement date of award and period of operation
1.6 Coverage of award
1.7 Parties bound [PR906395]
1.8 Persons, organisations, industries and employers exempted from coverage
1.9 Relationship with other awards [Q2527]

Part 2 - Enterprise flexibility

2.1 Enterprise flexibility
2.2 Facilitative provisions [PR955055]

Part 3 - Consultation and dispute resolution

3.1 Consultative mechanism and procedures [Q2704]
3.2 Dispute resolution procedure [PR947664]

Part 4 - Employment relationship

4.1 Employer and employee duties
4.2 Employment categories [PR969026]

4.3 Termination of employment [PR955055]

4.4 Severance pay [PR947664]

4.5 Absence from duty
4.6 Standing down employees
4.7 Abandonment of employment

Part 5 - Rates of pay and related matters

5.1 Classifications and rates of pay [PR959867]

5.1A Transitional wage rates for Victoria—application of common rule award [PR959867]
5.2 Training
5.3 Apprentice rates of pay [PR969026]
5.4 Adult apprentice rates of pay [PR969026]
5.5 Unapprenticed junior rates of pay [PR959867]
5.6 Trainee rates of pay [PR959867]
5.7 Payment by results
5.8 Supported wage system for people with disabilities [PR959867]
5.9 Allowances and special rates [PR983703]

5.10 Extra rates not cumulative
5.11 Payment of wages [Q2704]

Part 6 - Hours of work, shift work, meal breaks and overtime

6.1 Ordinary hours of work [Q2704]

6.2 Special provisions for shiftworkers [PR912584]

6.3 Meal breaks
6.4 Overtime [PR983703]

Part 7 - Types of leave and public holidays

7.1 Annual leave [Q2704]

7.2 Personal leave [PR964989]

7.2A Bereavement leave [PR964989]

7.3 Jury service
7.4 Parental leave [PR964989]

7.5 Public holidays [Q2704]


Schedule A - Industries covered by award
Schedule B - Persons, organisations, industries and employers exempted from coverage [PR954297]
Schedule C - Provisions applicable to specific industry sectors, enterprises, projects or geographical areas [PR983703]
Schedule D - Classification definitions [PR965978]
Schedule E - Employers bound by award
Schedule F - Bernafon Australia Pty Ltd [Q2704]

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