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API for the Modern Awards Pay Database now available

20 Mar 2023

Our new application programming interface (API) for the Modern Awards Pay Database was released today. 

The API is a digital tool which provides users (such as software developers who register with our API) with the ability to call on and retrieve the latest updates to modern award rates within the Modern Awards Pay Database in a structured digital format. The Modern Awards Pay Database API includes access to the following information available from the Database:

  • minimum rates of pay for each classification
  • most penalty rates, overtime, and casual rates
  • some junior and apprentice rates, and 
  • some wage-related and expense-related allowances.

It means that data from the Database can be integrated into software products and apps.

Users who would like to use the API should register their interest by sending us a letter of intent (doc). We will then provide registered users who have signed a letter of intent with access to the API.

We are holding webinars and providing educational materials for registered users, to support the release of the API.

If you have any questions please contact us at