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Fast Food Award extensively varied

28 Jul 2022

Existing awards are being changed extensively as a result of the 4 yearly review of modern awards. The Fast Food Industry Award has also been reviewed and rewritten using plain language principles, to make it easier to understand and use.

Most modern awards have already been changed, and are now available from the Find an award page on our website.

The technical and drafting matters for the Fast Food Industry Award 2010 have been completed. The varied award has been issued and started operating today, 28 July 2022.

Any outstanding substantive or common issues claims that have not yet been determined will be incorporated into the varied award by way of a subsequent variation determination.

If you are subscribed to updates for the Fast Food Industry Award, your subscription to our email service will not change.

You can read the new version of the award on the Find an award page on our website.

To see the decisions relating to this award, go to [2022] FWCFB 123 and [2022] FWC 1722.