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Gender undervaluation – Expert Panel to review 5 priority awards

07 Jun 2024

Our President, Justice Hatcher, has created an Expert Panel for pay equity in the care and community sector. The Expert Panel has issued a statement starting a process to review gender undervaluation issues in 5 priority modern awards.  

The Panel will consider making changes to certain classifications and minimum wage rates in those awards on work value grounds, to remedy potential gender undervaluation.  

The 5 awards are:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Practitioners and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services Award 2020
  • Children’s Services Award 2010
  • Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2020
  • Pharmacy Industry Award 2020
  • Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010

The statement sets out a provisional list of issues which will be considered by the Expert Panel, and a draft timetable.  

Interested parties are invited to attend a hearing before the President at 2pm (AEST) on Tuesday 18 June 2024 to make submissions about the provisional list of issues and draft timetable.

At this hearing, parties can also propose relevant independent research to be undertaken or commissioned by us. Appropriate directions may also be considered.

This process follows the Annual Wage Review 2023-24 decision, which identified the priority awards and classifications.  

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