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Work value case – Aged care industry decision issued

15 Mar 2024

The Fair Work Commission today issued a decision in the Work value case – Aged care industry.

The decision concludes stage 3 of the Work value case for the Aged care industry. It also contains further steps needed to finalise the case.

Comments on the draft determinations

Draft determinations to vary the Aged Care Award, the Nurses Award and the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Award are published with this decision for comment.

We invite interested parties to comment on the draft determinations by 4pm (AEST) on Friday 26 April 2024. Please email comments to

Marked up copies of the awards have also been published with the draft determinations to help in reviewing the proposed variations to the awards. These are available on the Decisions, statements and determinations for the Work value case – Aged care industry webpage.

Submissions on operative date and phasing in of the variations

Submissions from the Commonwealth on the operative date and phasing in of the variations are due by 4pm (AEST) on Friday 12 April.

Other parties can make submissions in response to the Commonwealth submission by 4pm (AEST) on Friday 10 May 2024. Please email submissions to

Outstanding issues

A conference of interested parties has been listed before Justice Hatcher for 2pm (AEST) on Thursday 4 April 2024 to consider outstanding issues concerning nurses.

These matters will be dealt with separately, in conjunction with ANMF’s application in case AM2024/11. A separate webpage has been established for the Work value case – Nurses and midwives.

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