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Registered Organisations Governance & Compliance External Review: Final report and General Manager’s response

28 Sep 2023

On 6 March 2023, the functions of the Registered Organisations Commissioner transferred to the General Manager of the Fair Work Commission.

In late March 2023, the General Manager engaged two external reviewers to undertake an independent review to identify opportunities to improve service delivery. The terms of reference for the review were published Commission’s website.

The reviewers, Anna Booth and Jonathan Hamberger, were agreed upon by each member of the Registered Organisations Commission Transitional Advisory Committee, consisting of senior representatives of the ACTU, ACCI, AiGroup and the General Manager. 

Last month, the General Manager received a report outlining the findings of the independent review. 

The reviewers made around 25 recommendations. The Commission has begun work on over half of the report’s recommendations. Read about how we are implementing these recommendations, as well as a brief history of the review process, and steps from here, in the General Manager’s response.

•    Registered Organisations Governance and Compliance External Review report (pdf)
•    General Manager’s response to the review findings and recommendations (pdf)

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